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You can use the buttons at the bottom to navigate! Home brings you back here, terms brings you to my art terms of service page (from there you can see my commissions and status), and personal gives you a page with some info about me! Click around and see what you can find :)
If you need to contact me, my Discord tag is GoldenMeadows#5494.This page is based on Windows 95 and Windows XP! I did my best to recreate the look and feel, hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do!


Terms of Service
I only take PayPal right now! Art trades will be listed in my status (see the "Status" button at the bottom for details) if they are available. Same with requests.
I have the right to refuse any commission/request/trade for any reason.
I ask for payment in full after completion. Once payment is sent, there are no refunds.
I will show you the sketch upon the sketch being completed. If edits need to be made at this stage, tell me. I reserve the right to charge for major edits past this stage.
If there's a specific deadline, tell me. I try to get work done within the week it's ordered but I struggle a lot with motivation. It will get done.
If you have specific references, show me them!
Avoid bugging me about when your art will be done. You can ask for updates, but don't spam me.
I will work off of descriptions!! Especially for ref sheets. Ask if you're unsure!
Animals (anthro and feral, I specialize in feral)
Most species (ask if unsure!)
Glowing details
Complex patterns (may result in complexity charges; ask me for a quote if unsure)
As much gore as your heart desires :]
NSFW. I am a minor. Don't even ask.
Hate art
Fetish art


OPEN = Open!! Feel free to message me :]
SEMI-OPEN = Open with restrictions. You may message me, but I can't garentee I'll take the commission.
CLOSED = Not open. Please don't message to ask.
Commissions: OPEN
Trades: SEMI-OPENRequests: CLOSED


Status shows you what I'm open to doing right now, Queue shows you my trello queue, and Terms shows you my terms of service! You can click on the examples to see them in higher quality :)
Prices (in USD)
Headshot - $5
Bust - $7
Halfbody - $10
Fullbody - $15
Ref Sheet - $25
Shading - Size dependant (+$5 on headshots, busts, and halfbodies, and + $10 on fullbodies). I don't shade my reference sheets.
Extra Character - Size dependent (+$5 for headshot, $10 for halfbody, etc)
Background - Flat colour/simple pattern is FREE, a basic scene or stock image is +$5, and a detailed scene is +$10 - +$50 depending on complexity and size. When in doubt, ask me!
Complexity Charge - At my discretion. DM me on Discord (GoldenMeadows#5494) for a quote. I don't usually charge for accessories unless they're exceptionally large (a weapon or complete outfit for example).

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My name is Fenn and I'm a 17 year old artist from Alberta, Canada! I've been drawing for many years. For some examples of my work and my commission status click the button on the bottom of the page! If you'd like to view my toyhouse click here, and if you'd like to see my linktree click here!
SSBU & Rivals of Aether
Minecraft (Java, Xbox 360 & Bedrock) & Terraria
Subnautica & Below Zero
TheHunter (Classic & COTW)
& More!
Interests & Hobbies
Art (Feral, Anthro & Human)
Computer Viruses and Web Design (obviously)
Cosplay & Prop Making